Tales of the Dragon Coast: A Forgotten Realms Adventure

Over the Sea and into the Mountains

The Thrilling Climax!!

As the Dragonbusters recuperated from the last successful adventures, they were approached at the Alagohn port tavern by a message runner from Waterdeep. Prelate Stoutheart had been charged by the Order of the Radiant Heart to charter a ship to see the wandering adventurers to the cradle of the Order’s power, word from Elminster had signaled that the time of the final battle with Malfeshnegor the Balor was at hand, and the team was to be briefed on the particulars of what strategy the Veritas Council could muster. Following a slight outburst of fangirl-itis from the messenger, the busters made plans to set out.

The trip went smoothly and surprisingly fast, with the schooner making port at Waterdeep in less than a week. At the docks, the busters were met by Delbert, a squire of the Order sent to lead them to the High Hall. Sir Zephus was urged to return immediately to see to some private matter with his superiors in the Radiant Heart, though the rest of the group was given time to do some shopping or explore the city. The group decided that the mission must take priority though, and made their way to the Castle District. The High Hall was a fine temple and the team took some time to wander about as Delbert had to send word to the Council of Chancellors that their guests had arrived. A hefty donation to the temple from Elsbeth sent one of the alms collectors into cardiac arrest, while Set managed to wow veteran knight and instructor Sir Rinaldo in an archery contest. Iseri demonstrated considerable dexterity in vaulting over the Climbing Wall in the exercise yard, whilst a heroic deuce from Gargantuon nearly vacated the premises with its atrocious stink. Stopping by the armory, the busters met Sir Roryn Bladebite, who joined Elsbeth for some strong drink as well as a contest of macho-ness with the half orc. Set took this time to request some barding for his Dire wolf companion Bongo as well.

In short order, the Dragonbusters made their way upstairs to meet with Elminster and the Council of Chancellors. Their plan was a simple one: The Order would assemble as much of its standing forces as possible to draw out the main force of Malfeshnegor’s legions, whilst the busters approached the fortress’ rear entrance through a pass in the Kuathym Mountains to engage the Balor directly.

As the group finalized their plans, the audience chamber was suddenly filled harsh, mocking laughter. The balor had guessed that the Radiant Heart would attempt to balk him and so sent forth a platoon of Purrodaemons, his elite generals, to raze the Order and slay the Chancellors as well as the busters!! The battle was a harsh one and though divine intervention from Lathander evened the field, it took the combined might of the Chancellors and Dragonbusters to expel the rest of the fiends. The Grandmaster of the Order then directed the team to a hidden passage that would lead them outside of the city, telling them to make for the rear pass, while the Order marshaled its remaining forces to draw out the Temple’s legions.

It was a 2 day journey to reach the foot of the mountain pass leading up to the temple. Knowing that the group would be in for a challenge, Iseri girded herself with all manner of magical wards and protections to keep herself intact. Elsbeth contracted the services of a mighty Planetar angel to take the place of the absent Zephus. About halfway up the mountain, the group made a light skirmish against a group of Hill Giants and Set managed to recover the mystical Pantaloons Incorporeal!! (though he was buried in a pile of boulders attempting to do so).

At the summit some 2 hours later, the group found that they had at last reached the back entrance to the new Temple of Elemental Evil, though first they would need to contend with its guards!! Gargantuon lopped off the head of a dark Cleric, while Iseri handily incinerated a blinking Barbarian. Set took to arms against a rival Ranger with extreme prejudice, whilst Iseri was forced to confront her most hated foe…

The Scorpion, dressed in the robes of a high officer, greeted the adventurers with snide mockery and disdain, saying that he had cast his lot in with Malfeshnegor in exchange for territory and power after the Realms had been subjugated. The team handily beat the slave master into a bloody pulp, but the Scorpion merely laughed… Saying that their haste to slay his body would prove to be their undoing. Growling and contorting, the Scorpion convulsed, writhed and took on his true form…

Scorpiox the Cruel!! An ancient red dragon from the earliest days of the Forgotten Realms, entrapped in mortal form by the gods of good for his cruelty, greed and pure evil. Using magic to keep his head from being hacked off, the mighty beast savaged Gargantuon with a punishing bite, though a strong blast of arctic magic from Elsbeth and Iseri soon had the monster on the retreat!! Attempting to fly away to recoup and bathe the area in fire proved to be an ill hope, as Iseri blasted away yet again with her magic, encasing the wretch in ice and sending him plummeting back to earth (atop her companions, though purely by accident.) The group then armed themselves with the dragon’s horde, which had been used to garb the elite guards of the Temple. Steeling themselves for the final battle ahead, the team entered into the darkness of the fortress…



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