Tales of the Dragon Coast: A Forgotten Realms Adventure

Flight from Dunholme

The Reunion of the Heroes

Having achieved her aim in recovering a fabulous treasure from the city of Dunholme, Iseri now looked to make good her escape from the labs of Noober. Her keen senses allowed her to locate a draft coming from the back of the test chamber and as the lift out appeared to be out of power, the elf took a more direct approach, using Gearjammer’s strength to bash the back wall out to freedom!!

The hole created by the golem lead into a long forgotten underground cavern that the Arcanist had built his laboratory inside of ages ago. The trek proved lethal for poor Bugsy, as the ceilings were not entirely stable and prone to collapsing. The clockwork spy proved its worth yet again, as it’s master was able to use that knowledge to trigger controlled collapses, which would allow her and her remaining companions to escape. Moving through the passes, the trio found themselves confronted by a pair of basilisks. These were easily dispatched by the constructs, who were immune to their more lethal abilities, but those creatures were but the door wardens for something much worse… A great sinewy linnorm now sprang from its den, its fearsome flames and terrible strength reducing even the mighty Gearjammer to spare parts!! Still, Iseri was used to such tight situations and managed to make an end of the beast with a combination of magic and an old standby: falling rocks. A quick search of an adjacent cave revealed a cache of gold, the hoard of the Linnorm, likely buried by its doorkeepers.

Advancing out of the caves, Iseri and Sprocket came to a long forgotten tomb. A vampire lord held court here with its mummified servants and following some banter, sought to feast on a drop or three of Elvish Red. Sprocket, ever loyal, kept the abomination at bay, humorously teaching the vampire that one cannot seek nourishment from crude oil unless they should possess gears!! The mummies proved far to slow to be of any aid to their master and with his swift destruction, Iseri felled them and claimed some exquisite treasures: an amulet of greater spell resistance and a ring of greater fire resistance, along with the gaudy headdress of the vampire, which was inlaid with some form of unusual gemstones.

Iseri managed to locate a secret pass out of the crypt and outside of the city, just as the cursed tower was reduced to ruin. She was met soon after by the remainder of her companions and the pinky of Sir Zephus. Over the next few days, the group was received warmly at Alagohn for their deeds and Zephus resurrected (his sword thankfully recovered by the grateful mother of Pharis), though it seemed he would now always be one finger short. Occupational hazards of the adventurer!!!

Sonar O’ Sullivan also happened into the area at this time, along with his portable workshop and great news! He had been studying Iseri’s ancient manual extensively and believed he now had the keys to create a one of a kind golem, never before built!! Gearjammer’s remains, along with the stones from vampire’s headdress (revealed to be Astral Diamonds) were key elements in the rebuilding process, which removed the flaws of Noober’s design and replaced them with superior clockwork parts. The work was arduous, but the results were astounding, with Gearjammer being infinitely more powerful, damage resistant and an added bonus- the ability to stop time itself once per day!! A special amulet was also created to link Iseri with the golem, to forge a protective bond between the two.

The group now sought a well earned rest from their ordeals, but it seemed some time since they had last heard word from Elminster….



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