Trueheart: the Holy Avenger

The final legacy of Nellie Keane!

weapon (melee)

What was once a simple two handed sword has been transformed by the devotion and sacrifice of a humble Paladin to become the ultimate weapon! The hilt and grip are of silver, scored with prayers and blessings against evil creatures. The pommel is set with an orb of pure, clear crystal. The blade itself is 4 ft in length, etched at the base with the words: Here lies the True Heart, everlasting. The edges are razor sharp and though the metal behaves as cold iron, it shines with a white color like new snow under the morning sun.

A powerful magic radiates from this weapon and will only resonate in the hands of a true Paladin. In the hands of such an owner, Trueheart strikes as a +5 magic weapon. The forces of evil have additional need to fear this blade’s touch, as a glowing holy mist will ensconce the blade in their presence, dealing an additional 2d6 worth of damage.

Trueheart also strives to protect its wielder against the powerful forces of magic. When grasped, it generates a personal circle of power around the wielder, granting spell resistance equal to 5 + the Paladin’s level. Lastly, Trueheart’s awesome power can be used to negate the benefits and afflictions of evil magic with an area Greater Dispel Magic effect. This ability is very costly and may only be used 3 times per day at the discretion of the wielder.


Trueheart was once a simple two-handed sword, given to the squire Zephus Evensun b y his master Arndt of Esmeltaran when the time came for him to depart from the High Hall of the Radiant Heart in Waterdeep to begin his quester’s journey. The blade served him well in his early deeds and was left under a shrine to Torm in the fortress of Raven’s Watch after Zephus recovered the more powerful (secretly cursed) sword, Traitorbane. Zephus carried that sword in honor on many perilous adventures, but it was lost to him during a sham trial conducted by his enemy Dovran Certoz, who slew the knight’s own apprentice Nellie Keane in cold blood!

Nellie’s spirit was not about to suffer such evil lying down, and by her guidance Zephus was led out of jail and back to Raven’s Watch to enact justice in the name of all whom the vampire Dovran had slain in his quest for power. The hearts of the vampire’s victims were being utilized for a complex magical ritual and though Zephus only now possessed his original weapon, he vowed that Certoz would see his end as it sliced through his neck. Through the guidance of his former protégé, Zephus knew that the hearts of the vampire’s sacrifices would needs be destroyed in order to stop his bid for power, in particular, the divinely pure heart of a paladin would make for potent evil magic if corrupted. Zephus brought his sword into contact with Nellie’s heart, freeing her from bondage to Certoz and infusing his weapon with her pure essence and devotion. Through Zephus’ sword Nellie avenged herself and other maidens like her. Following the vampire’s defeat, Zephus was left with a mighty weapon, though he hoped that Nellie had been able to move on to the glory of Celestia now that she was able to complete her final mission in service to the Order.

Trueheart: the Holy Avenger

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