Torm-Blessed Full Plate of Avenged Souls

Armor blessed by Torm for avenging lost souls


This is +2 mithral full plate of holy fire shield.


When a person is unjustly killed, sometimes that person’s spirit returns as a ghost. A ghost’s only desire is to put things right so their spirit may rest, but cannot physically affect the world. In such cases, a living creature may be called upon to help.

In the case of this armor, a follower of Torm has taken up the cause of a restless spirit and set their unjust slaying to rest. This particular suit of armor was earned by Zephus Evensun, who singlehandedly put four ghosts to rest. They each imparted a bit of their essence to Zephus, which Torm himself transmuted into this shining white armor, emblazoned with his holy symbol as a sign that he was proud of his follower’s accomplishments.

Torm-Blessed Full Plate of Avenged Souls

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