Doomguide's Arrows

Death flies on swift wings!

weapon (ranged)

These arrows are of a particular set, crafted for the the destruction of particular targets designated by the maker. Their shafts are jet black and their heads a deep crimson. Their feathers are color coated to identify their targets. Green feathers for the Fey, plain white for humans and a deep golden color for chaotic outsiders.

These arrows function as +1 magical arrows of common make, however when used to bring down the target they were originally designed for the arrows unleash powerful magic to detroy their chosen foe. Any creature struck by an arrow matching its creature type must make a DC 17 fortitude save, or risk taking an additional 50 points of slaying damage as the arrow’s secret magic detonates within them.


Slaying arrows were among the first tools created by the high elven mages of Myth Drannor to aid their defenders against enemy incursions. For many years, the secret to the craft was closely guarded, but as alliances with other folk became more common to the elven people, other races soon learned the craft and were able to create duplicates, though not nearly so great as the skill of the elves could achieve.

This practice was also much desired by foes of the elven peoples as well. Through torture and evil magic, every creature from dragons to demons and even the denizens of the Underdark were also able to gain access to the secret of slaying arrows.

This particular set appears to be of the more unwholesome variety used by the enemies of the people of Myth Drannor, though Kiba the Ranger will be able to put them to good use by avenging the makers against the thralls of the Elemental Eye that stole them.

Doomguide's Arrows

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