Blade of Adhmor

A sword for those who duel with their luck!

weapon (melee)

This beautifully crafted rapier is of the finest quality and craftsmanship. Compared to a standard short sword or longsword, this is a thing of precision. Not made for powerful thrusts or slashing blows, the rapier demands dexterity, a light touch and a keen eye, to find weak points where its thin blade might slide easily to pierce deep and inflict the mortal blow. This particular blade is crafted with the followers of Tymora in mind and has been etched around its hilt with her shamrock symbols. The grip is of white leather and its pommel is set with a coin medallion ‘Lady Luck’s Whimsy’ to further enhance its already potent magical properties. The sword functions as a +2 weapon of its kind, granting that bonus to attack and damage rolls. A +1 luck bonus is conferred to the owners saving throws that also stacks with other resistance items such as a cloak of resistance. The sword is also capable of being enchanted by the Wish spell and may hold up to 4 wishes at any given time. Finally, the pommel allows the blade to function as the Lady Luck’s Whimsy totem, with a +4 bonus on heads rolls and no penalty imparted on tails rolls.


Legend says that this sword was the masterwork of a humble country smith, who received commission from a local Count for a weapon of surpassing quality. A year’s worth of slaving wrought the final product, the smith’s magnum opus. The Count returned before the final enchantments were put into place and demanded the rapier at 1/10th of the originally agreed price due to its incompleteness. The smith refused and was slain on the spot.

It fell to his son to avenge him and the boy trained many long hard years to prepare himself, becoming a master swordsman who had never been known to lose a duel. After 20 years, when he had come to manhood did the smith’s son, through a series of strange and humorous adventures come face to face with the man who had struck down his father in cold blood. Here, the blade’s luck proved most valuable of all, guarding the swordsman from otherwise fatal blows from the Count and allowing him to achieve satisfaction at last!

Rumor has it he was able to retire quietly some years later, after assuming the mantle of a rather notorious pirate to amass his own fortune. The only clue to the identity of the previous owner lies in the faded initials pressed into the leather of the sword’s scabbard.

- I.M.

Blade of Adhmor

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