Tales of the Dragon Coast: A Forgotten Realms Adventure

Raven's Watch: The Finale

Sumak arrives at last!

Sumak had finally caught up with the Heroes. As Zephus, Set, Elsbeth, and Nero were resting in the large entrance room to Raven’s Watch, the half-orc paladin stumbled in. The cast had just been taken off his injured foot, but he was ready for action. His first task, however, was mental rather than physical. The party asked him to translate the goblin script on the three northern doors. The northernmost was ‘Storage, and inside the adventurers found a few potions, a scroll, and most importantly to Elsbeth, an entire keg of the Rusty Dragon’s finest ale. After pouring mugs for everyone, the cleric proceeded to drain the rest of the keg herself.

Meanwhile, the rest of the party explored the eastern door, marked ‘Shinies’. After breaking down the door (successfully this time)and dislodging a strange red crystal, Sumak led the party into a large chamber. In this chamber, an array of the crystals studded the walls, floor, and pillars. Three were lit, and four were just empty sockets. The adventurers were looking for a more exciting encounter, though, and decided to leave the crystal chamber for later.

Turning to the western chamber, ‘Barracks’, the party met Bertha, the human guard captain, and her cadre of goblins. After a short but fierce battle in which Set took a throwing axe to the face, the Heroes prevailed. Bertha herself surrendered after her goblins were slaughtered, and provided the part y with some information on Vislak and his operation in exchange for her freedom.

Exploring the areas surrounding the barracks, the party found an armory where several of them added ranged weapons to their repertoire, and Sumak found a spare set of full plate made for Bertha but which fit him well enough. He also found an emerald by digging around in the refuse pile. In the captain’s chambers they found some documents about the facility’s daily activities, as well as some gold.

Finally it had come time to reexamine the crystal chamber, but they were still missing 2 of the crystals. Scouring the cells, they found one buried in a pile of straw. The last long eluded them, as they debated sending some hapless sacrifice into the pit and attempted to futilely remove an enormous boulder blocking a side passage. Eventually Sumak discovered the crystal in an otherwise innocuous cave-in.

At last possessing all of the crystals, the party set their brains to work solving the puzzle of the crystal chamber. Zephus was certain that this must be the place to use the rogue’s cryptic instructions, but struggled to fit his words to the crystals’ layout. The rest of the party focused on the color patterns, eventually discovering that the relationship between primary and secondary colors was the key to the puzzle. They quickly got each crystal to light up except one. This was the crystal that Sumak had inadvertently dislodged, but he solved the problem by standing in the doorway with said crystal.

With all the crystals placed and lighted, a secret chamber opened to the north, revealing a statue and a chest. The chest held a single item, the powerful Ring of Feather Falling, while the statue had a much greater treasure: a great sword of Torm. Zephus humbly accepted the sword and left his own in return.

After solving the crystal chamber, there was nothing more to explore in the Raven’s Watch. The Heroes left with few questions answered and several new ones to ponder. Where was Black Fang, how much more powerful had he become, and when would they encounter him again? How was the Cult of the Dragon planning on using him, and what were their designs for Sandpoint?



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