Tales of the Dragon Coast: A Forgotten Realms Adventure

Night in the City

Adventures in Larceny!!

As her companions decided to enter into the lost city of Dunholme by way of catacomb, Iseri the dashing decided to take a drink or two to calm her nerves and soak in the local atmosphere. The inn her companions had chosen was a fine, ribald place, full of braggarts, drunkards and treasure hunters. Word soon caught the wizard’s keen ears of the fabulous treasures said to have been left behind by the wealthy nobility of old Dunholme before the forces of darkness had overrun it. Legends spoke of magical artifacts and strange constructs that might still exist in the ancient manses, though the throngs of drow and evil outsiders kept most folk well away from investigation! Knowing that she was not like most folk, the elf decided the time had come to put some space betwixt herself and her cohorts to seek out some wealth for herself. If she should happen upon her companions later, let it be said that she simply decided to scout the territory ahead herself to gain a better grasp of the situation!

The wizard had little trouble making her way to the city proper, bypassing a herd of semi-possessed mammoths on the road by a trick of teleportation. Iseri found the rumors of evil plaguing the lands to be more than verified as a band of demons casually had made camp by the fallen gates of the city. Stealth and guile got the rogue in and soon she was ready to rob to her greedy little heart’s content! Careful to avoid patrols of Drow (legendary in their hatred of surface elves), the rogue made her way to a long desecrated temple of Corellon Larathian. There a wendigo and it’s bearded devil companions made a grisly feast of some recently captured drow. Deciding to cautiously check for valuables in spite of the danger, Iseri unfortunately drew down the attention of the dinner party. She unleashed a mighty torrent of magic and though the bearded devils fell back, their host was unfazed. The wendigo moved with effortless grace and speed, its horrible powers and terrible strength forcing the wizard into retreat! Iseri feared the day might be lost, but thought that perhaps there may yet remain a relic or 2 in the fallen temple to aid her in her struggle. Sure enough, a pair of holy candles remained still beneath the altar, their magical power drawing up the forces of the elven pantheon and casting out the wendigo and its cohorts. Recognizing these as sacred artifacts, Iseri decided that should she return home or find a proper temple, she would restore the candles to the Temple of Corellon- for a modest fee of course.

The other houses in the area proved to be thoroughly pillaged. Iseri was wondering if she might have to chalk up the night’s venture to a loss, but fortune oft smiles on those who least expect it and a chance encounter with a rather cozy bungalow brought renewed hope for fortune!! The home had belonged to a resident mage known as the Arcanist, the entire area was strewn with disjointed notes and scrawlings, the most interesting of which was the plan for a one-man army that would have been a defense for Dunholme against invasion had time been on their side. It appeared that the Arcanist was ready to commence final trials in his lower labs, but the invasion had prevented him. Iseri managed to locate the entrance to the place, but lacked one of the necessary keys to gain entry!! Curses!!

Hoping that maybe something might turn up in one of the other homes, Iseri stumbled upon a rival in one of the largest homes in the area. So deft and spry was this rake, that he even avoided the attentions of Bugsy the Clockwork Spy!!! He introduced himself as Arsene, gentleman thief and treasure hunter. The rogue proposed an alliance that would leave them both mutually wealthy and under the radar of the drow forces. Warning Iseri of the various traps laid throughout, the larcenist duo was able to clean the place out thoroughly, each departing with a small trove in gems and Iseri locating her missing key among her plunder. Stealing a kiss and making off with a dash, Arsene bid his lovely rival adieu and wished her well. Iseri’s night ended with a return to the Arcanist’s home, where she used the crystal keys to enter into the lower labs!!!



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