Tales of the Dragon Coast: A Forgotten Realms Adventure


The continuing adventures of Zephus Evensun

While his off and on companions went to investigate the lost city of Craftholme, Zephus Evensun of the Shattered Ankles wallowed in boredom. But as he sat at the bar of the Rusty Dragon, nursing his nonalcoholic mead, a messenger came to Zephus with a solution for his inactivity. Sir Devan Stoutheart, leader of the new temple of the Most Noble Order of the Radiant Heart in Westgate, had need of him. Paying his tab and taking one last, longing look at the beautiful innkeeper, Zephus left the Dragon to seek passage down the coast.

Once he arrived in Westgate, largest City-State of the Dragon Coast region, Zephus knew it was for no petty interview that he had been recalled from the field. Sir Devan met him in the temple with a young noblewoman by his side. She was Lady Alinna Silverblood, recently elevated to the ruling council of Westgate. Alinna’s father, a councilman, and the rest of her family had been mercilessly slaughtered in their own home, leaving only her alive. Now she was determined to, with Sir Devan and the Radiant Heart’s help, bring law and order to the chaotic region. But in order to do so, she would have to survive.

Zephus was instructed to escort the Lady to a reception in honor of her elevation, as an assassination attempt was almost a foregone conclusion. Almost on cue, a large force of goblins smashed through the front door of the manor house and attacked the party guests! Pushing through the crowd, Zephus managed to rescue Lady Alinna from a small force that had inexplicably made it far into the ballroom. Fearing more attacks, Lady Alinna led Zephus into a small study. There she knew of a secret passage that would lead them safely out of the manor.

Among the many branches of tunnel, the pair soon became lost. Several times they would turn into a dead end only to be set upon by huge, dire rats! In a rare moment of nervousness, Zephus backed away from a rat’s furiously gnashing teeth, allowing its mate to approach Lady Alinna unmolested. With a swift bite, the rat injected its poison into the young noblewoman. Quickly Zephus dispatched the oversized vermin and used his knowledge of the healing arts to purge the infected wound before Lady Alinna succumbed.

Eventually, Zephus and his charge made it to a larger chamber with a smooth stone door. On the door were several tiles, each of which had a strange symbol drawn upon it. Zephus quickly recognized the three symbols of the deities making up the Triad, and verifying his memory with Lady Alinna’s, was able to identify 3 of the other 4 symbols as those belonging to evil gods. Still, Zephus was mystified by the purpose of the symbols until he tried touching them. Finding that the slid along grooves set into the door, he soon had them arranged in two groups: one for the Triad under Tyr, and one for the evil gods under Talos. The door opened onto a foggy night…
And also onto danger! As Zephus and Lady Alinna approached the door, the sound of laughter halted them. A voice accosted them, and set two thugs upon them. Zephus easily overcame the impudent rogues, but the mastermind had fled. Examining the bodies of the rogues, Zephus discovered only a note with the cryptic phrase, ‘Meet the redhair at the night star’, written on it.

Back at the temple, Sir Devan congratulated Zephus on a good night’s work. He then sent Zephus back to Sandpoint, with instructions to look for a long lost temple to Torm that had been found in ancient writings. Before he left, Lady Alinna personally thanked Zephus for his efforts, and gave him the Horn of Glory, a powerful heirloom that had been in her family for generations. With that, Zephus returned to Sandpoint to find his friends and, hopefully, more opportunities to show the Order what he could do.



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