Tales of the Dragon Coast: A Forgotten Realms Adventure

Interlude 5

Roc-in' and a Rollin

Following their return from the mysterious City of Hangovers, the founding busters decided that maybe it was time to cut down on the mixed drinks and take a day or two to sober up. Rest was in short supply, as Kiba and Gargantuon were thirsty for adventure!! Kiba had heard tell of a blue dragon being sighted in the mountain ranges of Bryn Shander. Recalling that it was a blue dragon that had made off with his priceless black arrow and eager to show his skills as a tracker to the Sandpoint Rangers, the rugged Ranger set things into motion to have the team depart!

The merchant roads made for relatively fast travel thanks to the work of the wardens of Helm driving out most of the highwaymen. Catching passage on a small trade ship out of Baldur’s Gate, the Dragonbusters managed to make their trip in record time, just under a month.

There was little time for sightseeing though! Kiba was a harsh master and soon enough the team was geared up and trudging into the mountains. This was Kiba’s time to shine, as the mountains of his youth were as familiar to him as the back of his hand (minus that unusual growth that appeared shortly after their journey to the moathouse. Thank the gods Spugnoir had helped him clear that up!) As they ventured into the upper ranges, the team came across a group of fearsome hill giants! Iseri provided stealth via a wand of invisibility and Kiba decided to see if he could possibly acquire some information from the hulking brutes. They decided that they would rather feast on Kiba’s bones, but the crafty hunter soon had the giants heading for well, the hills as he managed to convince them that he was possessed of a terrible, giant slaying malady! Three of the galoots threw a hapless member of their group out as a sacrificial lamb, but Gargantuon’s blood lust claimed the life of another giant as well before the remaining 2 were able to flee!!

Weather took a turn for the worse as the trek continued, and the adventurers were forced to find shelter in a nearby series of caves. There, Gargantuon recuperated from the after effects of his rage and Kiba was able to scout a path to take the team to the uppermost heights of the mountains, where hopefully, his arrow might be found! Before that could happen, the team had to contest with a group of bugbear bandits that had made the caverns their home, guarding the exit to the height of the mountains. Through use of the Greater Command spell, Elsbeth was able to force the bugbears to abandon caution and rush from their 20 ft perch down onto the waiting blades of Zephus and Gargantuon, while Iseri pre-cooked the bandits to make for easy cutting! The team was able to search through the goods that the thieves had pilfered, the best of which was a fantastic composite longbow with a lightning motif lacquered upon it!

Arriving at the top of the mountain, the group spied a colossal nest, which fittingly served as the den for a colossal Roc! Iseri used her magical prowess to provide a boost of super speed to her compatriots and with their bows, Kiba and Gargantuon led the assault against the beast! In addition to improving the Ranger’s phenomenal accuracy, Kiba was pleased to discover that his new weapon also sheathed his arrows in a coat of electricity which burst upon foes at contact! The beast proved more resilient to Gargantuon’s scorpion venom arrows, but Iseri and Elsbeth bathed the bird in fire to help offset the deficit! Meanwhile, Zephus was able to observe quietly, as the feathered foe never came within reach for a sword stroke! A few more expert shots from Kiba and the Roc was soon on the fast track to meeting the ground!

Scouring the nest, the team located a small fortune in gold that was used as decoration by the bird and Kiba was able to recover his black arrow! Also found was a blue hood with a silver tassel, the initials T.O. stitched into the brim, but no one knew what to make of it.

Returning to town, the busters celebrated the success of their quest, though Zephus chose to cut back on the suds and settled with a bottle of ginger beer with a hearty stew shared between his fellow adventurers!



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