Tales of the Dragon Coast: A Forgotten Realms Adventure

Interlude 4

The Lich of Ghost Town

Once again, the three founding members of the Dragonbusters were celebrating at a corner table of the Rusty Dragon. Zephus was hitting the sauce a bit hard still due to his unfortunate protegee, and Iseri was drinking nonstop since Elsbeth was buying. They both followed the cleric on a rousing bar crawl, and soon all conscious thought had fled. Eventually they came to their senses, with no knowledge of where they were or how they had gotten there. They appeared to be in a tavern (of course) but the bartender, barmaids, and all the other patrons were ghosts!

Finding the ghosts to be unresponsive, the trio decided to leave the bar and explore. No sooner had they left than a large group of gargoyles attacked! The beasts flew off the tops of crumbling buildings, swooping around the two giant pillars in the town square to get at the adventurers. Iseri quickly vanished herself, while Elsbeth created a wall of holy ice to hold the creatures at bay. She and the paladin set themselves by a pile of rubble to protect their flanks and let the gargoyles come to them, while Iseri provided sniper support. This strategy worked well against the unfortunate animated statues, culminating in a brilliant fireball which vaporized the wall of ice and burning the hapless gargoyles with holy mist.

The three Busters continued on to explore an ancient temple, one of the only buildings beside the tavern still in decent repair. Inside, the wail of wights met their ears! Iseri decided to try out a new spell against the undead: Black Tentacles. Those that weren’t completely caught were slowed by the rubbery growths. The firepower of Zephus and Elsbeth ended the fight quickly. Iseri yawned.

In the bottom level of the temple, the trio found an old crypt. Unfortunately for them, the crypt was home to a Lady Lich! They decided to stay and fight since they noticed a large pile of treasure in the center of the room. Knowing that if the lich got too close, they would be at the mercy of its frightful presence, Iseri led off the battle with Black Tentacles. Not paying attention, the Lich was caught! The Busters proceeded to use long range against their dangerous foe, surviving the occasional fireball. Finally the Lich managed to free herself … but it was too late! She had sustained too much damage and was felled by an errant tentacle slap. The Dragonbusters cheered, destroyed the nearby phylactery and ended the undead monster’s existence once and for all. Out of the hoard, Iseri found a few helpful scrolls, Zephus took some healing potions, and Elsbeth filled a bag with gold coins to spend on her hydration. Satisfied with their good deeds, the group made their way out of the crypt and back to Sandpoint to celebrate.



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