Tales of the Dragon Coast: A Forgotten Realms Adventure

Interlude 3


After having taken on so many side quests (and in the case of one, so much liquid courage) the trio of Dragonbusters consisting of Zephus, Elsbeth, and Iseri were sacked out in the Rusty Dragon. Also staying there that night was one Gargantuon, Buster of Balls, newly recruited Dragonslayer himself. A noise outside their rooms awakened the light-sleeping Iseri, always alert, and Zephus had been unable to sleep due to the half-orc’s snoring. Iseri’s roommate, Elsbeth, would take a herd of Tarrasques to wake, so the trickster thought it best to investigate on her own.

Out in the hall, three ugly, grey-skinned creatures were skulking about. Iseri was looking through her notes to identify the creatures as doppelgangers when Gargantuon burst of his room, ready to fight! Iseri eagerly joined the battle, and with Zephus’ sword added later, the three made short work of the aberrations. But something tugged at Iseri’s highly-tuned mind: Doppelgangers were fellow tricksters, not tavern raiders. What were they up to? The group tossed a bucket of water to revive the cleric and made their way into the common room to see what was afoot.

Here they found the beautiful proprietess, Ameiko Kaijitsu, being accosted by a large and moving Morgh! Being a long-winded villain, the Morgh identified himself as one Shevin Kaynor, long-disgraced former employee of the Dragon, now undead and back for revenge. He had not, however, reckoned with the power of the tavern regulars! Gargantuon led the way with his huge double axe The Eliminator, and the others added their divine and arcane energies to make the fight short and sweet. Grateful but breathless after her ordeal, Ameiko warned the quartet that one of Kaynor’s henchmen was still at large in the back room.

Rushing in, the Busters found a Marid, a powerful water-spirit, attempting to reclaim the beer! Screaming in rage, Elsbeth leaped to protect her lifeblood, but the marid unleashed a torrent of water that swept the group out into the street. The marid followed, ready to finish them off, but the Busters were not down yet. Waiting just long enough to receive a Haste spell from Iseri, Gargantuon summoned the full power of his RAGE! With a mighty leap, the half-orc cleared the distance to the water spirit and cleaved her with Eliminator. Before the rest of the party could reach the fight, he had sliced and diced her into tiny water droplets.

Another victory for the Dragonbusters! But more importantly, the beer was safe. For now…



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