Tales of the Dragon Coast: A Forgotten Realms Adventure

Interlude 2

The search for shrubbery

Shortly after defeating Josie Ramona’s seven evil exes, the trio of Elsbeth, Zephus, and Iseri returned to the field to attempt to locate her traitorous abductor, Bob the Vulpinal. Unfortunately none of them had any idea where to look, and without their expert tracker Kiba, the group was at a loss. Elsbeth piped up about wanting to find an ingredient for the Legendary Dragon’s Breath Ale, and having no better ideas, Zephus and Iseri agreed.

The small group of Dragonbusters made their way to the forest just outside of Sandpoint where rumor placed the ingredient known as the Strider-step Mint Leaves. Popping out of the brush to surprise them was their old friend, Set! Luckily he had seen the leaves recently in his wanderings. They explored the forest briefly before arriving at a large grove of trees where a fearsome sight awaited them: a humongous green dragon! The group was excited to possibly slay their first dragon and live up to their name as Dragonbusters until the trees started moving! They weren’t trees at all but evil Treants! A pitched battle ensued, with Set moving wily around the grove looking for the legendary leaves while the rest of the group kept the dragon and his buddies at bay.

After hewing, bashing, and roasting all but one of the treants, Zephus, Elsbeth, and Iseri (respectfully) were caught between a dragon and a treant. So excited was the treant to have his foes all but defeated he launched a giant boulder in their general direction without aiming. His nonchalant attack turned out to be his last, as it sailed over the top of the confused adventurers and straight into the face of its green dragon comrade! The great beast dropped like a sack of taters, and the stunned treant was soon put out of his misery by a barrage of arrows from Set. Now free to explore, they soon found the leaves.

As the group was moping about getting cheated out of a dragonslayer achievement, who would step out of the trees but Josie Ramona, their missing lawyer! Apparently Bob had been distracted by a four-legged vixen and run off into the forest, leaving Josie jilted at a tree stump. The triumphant Dragonbusters returned to town minus their ranger friend, who decided to remain in the forest with his constant companion, Bongo the wolf.

Back in Sandpoint, the remaining three Dragonbusters got wind of a nefarious plot to smuggle creatures out of the surrounding wilderness to exotic collectors or experimenters across the realms. Clues led to an abandoned warehouse, which upon entering they discovered was no longer abandoned! Cages lined the walls and farther back was a large open space, made up to mimic an outdoor environment. This impressive setup was for one purpose: to make the drakes living there feel at home! Home enough to attack, haha!

But the three Dragonbusters were not deterred. They made short work of the drakes, and Iseri harvested some rare and tasty Dracon from the beautifully seared carcasses. Finding a tunnel down to a more expansive basement, the trio discovered an even more elaborate enclosure. This one housed a vastly more magnificent creature than the drakes: a gargantuan Dragon Turtle! This magnificent specimen was initially reluctant to accept the group’s help, but decided if they could pass a test he would consider it. His test: see if they could survive his breath attack! Luckily for the group they were all limbered up from their recent adventures and dodged it easily. The dragon turtle, impressed, led them to a secret exit from his enclosure. The Dragonbusters were able to open the gate and allow him to swim back into the sea. Afterwards, three dryad members of the Creature Investigation Association appeared and thanked the group for their (unwitting) help. To Elsbeth’s delight, the forest spirits rewarded the group with a bushel of Snakewood Red Peppers, another ingredient for the Dragon’s Breath Ale!



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