Tales of the Dragon Coast: A Forgotten Realms Adventure


The Dragonbusters vs. the Underworld

Our story opens with the arrival of Sir Zephus Evensun in Sandpoint, newly returned from his final evaluation in Westgate. The team was surprised however to see that their friend was not his usual exuberant self. He hailed them with little gusto and a private meeting was set up in the back room of the Rusty Dragon. There, Iseri and Elsbeth related the tales of their adventures in the Moathouse Keep and their successful recruitment of a half orc Barbarian. Zephus offered a few smiles and chuckles at their various misadventures, but became grim again after being told of the possibility of the return of the Elder Elemental Eye. For his part, Zephus had spent a few short days seeing his protégé Nellie Keane laid to rest with honor as a squire of the Radiant Heart. She would be interred in the main HQ cemetery with full honors at the request of Prelate Stoutheart. Now understanding the reason for the paladin’s melancholy, his team offered their condolences and a quiet toast was raised to the fallen warrior’s memory. Zephus stated that he was proud to be allied with such good folk and the flow of ale and good company washed away the heavier part of the young knight’s grief.

As Zephus, Elsbeth, and Iseri were returning home to their mansion after their impromptu feast, they found the place locked. Not just with a key, as Iseri surely would have made short work of that, but with an otherworldly magic. Their resident succubus lawyer, Josie Ramona, appeared on her balcony and explained to the heroes that her seven evil exes had appeared and taken over the mansion! The three Dragonbusters would have to rush in and save her!

How exactly they DID bust in is anyone’s guess. Let us say that the succubus had just enough power to disrupt the magic shield long enough for the heroes to enter. Yes, that sounds good. So the three burst into the house only to be met by twin Nabasus! Being strong and incredibly lucky, Zephus, Elsbeth, and Iseri made short work of the monsters. They quickly headed upstairs where they were met by the next ex…

A set of Fiendish Minotaur Triplets! Shaking away their questions of Josie’s strange predilections, the group fell upon the minotaurs with a will. Again, the monsters stood no chance against the onslaught! They strode to Josie’s door, ready to take back their winged beauty, when her 6th ex appeared!

This one was an evil lich (as if there were any other kind!) who swore they would never reach Ms. Ramona alive! He proceeded to blast the team with a cone of cold spell, which in their surprise Zephus and Elsbeth were unable to avoid. Luckily, expert acrobatess Iseri saved the day. Turning a mid-air cartwheel to evade the deadly cold, she nimbly tossed her Energy Heart gem to Elsbeth, following the age-old adage, ‘save the cleric first!’. This absorbed the brunt of the blast, allowing the two undead haters to finish off the stunned lich.

Finally the trio of heroes entered the chambers of Josie Ramona … only to find her final ex, a disgusting Hag! Despite the creature’s natural repulsiveness, she forced the Dragonbusters to close ranks as she easily shrugged off their most potent spells. Without the holy powers of Zephus, the group might have fallen here, but they prevailed. Unfortunately, just as the three were eagerly awaiting their well-earned reward from the succubus, their one-time ally Bob the Vulpinal swooped in and grabbed her!

What will happen to the beautiful and seductive Josie? How will Elsbeth ever forgive her summoned ally? And will Iseri ever unravel the mystery of how anyone could be romantically linked to a hag?

These incredibly intriguing questions will quickly be forgotten, and the world may never know the answers…



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