A greatsword with Torm's emblem

weapon (melee)

+1 Cold Iron Greatsword of Traitorbane
This weapon is the chosen of Torm, god of Paladins. Totalling 5 feet in length, the blade alone makes up 4 and is constructed of a cold, pale blue steel. The grip is made of fine black leather, and the heavy pommel is in the shape of a fist. In the center of the upward curving crossguard the symbol of Torm is set. The symbol is also engraved on the ricasso, and just above that the blade spouts two flanged Parierhaken. In all the sword weighs about 7 pounds, more than enough heft to put fear into evil.

Traitorbane: This weapon normally functions as a +1 cold iron greatsword. When it is used against a foe that has betrayed a master, become a traitor to his city or nation, or blasphemed against his god, it becomes a +3 weapon, the critical range becomes 15-20, the critical multiplier becomes x3, and on a confirmed critical hit it adds a sunder effect to the damage done. This ability triggers off of the alignment of the wielder, and will not affect those whose actions would not normally concern him, such as a slave betraying his evil master or an evil blackguard blaspheming his vile god.


This sword was found by Zephus Evensun in the ruins of Raven’s Watch. The history of this blade is unknown at this time, as the Raven’s Watch was a lost outpost of Torm. Only recently has any mention of it been found in the local histories. Zephus will have to be content with simply adding his own story to the sword until such time as he can return to Sir Devan and report his findings.

Having reported the finding of this sword to Sir Devan, Zephus learned something of its history. This was once the sword of Sir Ovral Falconshield, a knight of the Order of the Radiant Heart. The sword was presented to him by Lady Tsevyena Phalanx, who knighted him in the Athkatla branch of the Order. The sword was lost along with its wielder when Sir Ovral vanished while traveling to spread the word of Torm.

Zephus learned something of the swords capabilities, also, when he fought Tevar Brightstar, the fallen leader of the Eyes of Justice, a heretical cult of Torm. The sword shone blue and sheared through Tevar’s parrying blade and into his shoulder. Something in the treacherous nature of its foe awakened a strange power in the sword, but for what purpose?


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