Thialfi's Shoes

The footwear of a Hero's Errand Boy


These rough looking leather shoes are nothing much to look at on first glance. Simple leather with basic rope ties. Anybody who looks to try them on should be aware that these are no ordinary pieces of footwear and are quite selective on whose feet they will sit! Just ask them! The shoes seem to be possessed of two different personalities and converse with one another quite often. The patient soul who can tolerate their chatter does gain a significant gift: the ability to move an extra 10 ft in combat with great speed!

Just be sure to wear some earplugs…


Thialfi was once the servant of Bayard and was responsible for the maintenance of his household and personal affects. He was a loyal, if not particularly bright man, and always did his best to be of use to his employer no matter the situation. He would also regularly join the cleric in his travels and was often able to get the hierophant and his companions out of some incredibly tight spots by providing the enemy with a distraction and confounding them with his great speed. This wasn’t enough to protect him unfortunately when it came to wielders of magic, and when a spell from the high priest of Tiamat struck him down during the last days of the Avatar War, it had an unfortunate side effect.

The poor fool’s soul was rent in two and would never have survived his journey into the afterlife due to the damage. Thinking quickly, Bayard was able to transplant Thialfi’s sundered essence into the only thing that had survived the attack: his shoes. Perhaps in this time, there might be some magic that would allow the loyal servant’s soul to be restored and find peace in the next world. Until then, the shoes are wondering when the next tea break will be.

Thialfi's Shoes

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