The Eliminator

A ferocious axe, for the mightiest of warriors!!

weapon (melee)

Far more than a simple woodsman’s tool, the axe is a misunderstood weapon. Disdained by those who see themselves as more ‘cultured’, the battle axe has earned a place of honor among the many barbarian and orc tribes of Faerun. Consisting of a 4 foot long pole with a wide blade sharpened on one or both sides, this fearsome piece of metal can carve down a man just as swiftly as a tree. It also provides solid reach and is easy to extricate from fallen enemies due to its long grip!

This particular axe carries on in the orcish love affair with such weapons. It has not one, but two double bladed headpieces on each end. Each blade has been enhanced by shamanistic rituals to grant them a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls. The destructive power of fire also lies within the rune rings scored beneath each headpiece and bursts forth on contact to deal an additional 1d6 points of damage on those struck. This weapon is Gargantuon’s pride and joy and few other than he are able to properly wield it.


This fearsome piece of iron is the personal weapon of the mighty warrior Gargantuon. Hailing from the harsh lands near the Graypeak Mountains, Gargantuon suffered the additional stigma of being one of the only half orc members of the Uthgardt Barbarians that held camp in that region.

The weapon itself was won by Gargantuon during his teenage years. A rival orc tribe lead by the ferocious orc warlord, Shugra the Bloodfury, had descended on Gargantuon’s tribe and threatened to butcher them to the last without mercy. Gargantuon decided that his career of glory was to begin now, and with a gnarled tree branch as a club, he waded into the thickest part of the fighting, confronted Shugra and wrestled the warlord’s prized double axe from him and beheaded him with it!

Gargantuon carried the weapon as a symbol of his power during his years fighting in various underground arenas. Its magical powers secured him many victories and he rarely ever lets it leave his grasp.

The Eliminator

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