Lathander's Purifier +2

The weapon of a mighty heroine, reforged with shining Solarite!!

weapon (melee)

This beautiful Morningstar is a prized relic of the Sandpoint temple of Lathander. In the past it served as the personal weapon of the Hospitaler Marshal, Celimas the Fangbane. Crafted of fine silver and wrapped with a supple red leather grip it is excellently weighted and its headpiece depicts the shining sun, its rays presented as piercing spikes to drive deep into the creatures of the night that would threaten the lives of the innocent. Upon its pommel is strung a small golden medallion depicting the holy symbol of the sun god.

This Morningstar has been enchanted to strike swift and sure against the foes of good. As such it has a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls. It also harbors a fiercer power against the undead and unless those creatures can make a DC 14 Will save, they risk complete obliteration from the weapon’s divine power!

The weapon served its new mistress Elsbeth of Sareloon well throughout her adventures in the former High Temple of Elemental Evil. There was recovered a cache of precious Solarite ore, which was utilized by the dwarves of Craftholme to create an even more powerful weapon than before!! This enhanced version is now treated as a +2 weapon of Undead Bane, granting a bonus that makes it function as a +5 weapon against such targets. The disruption effect has also been enhanced and undead struck must make a DC 20 Will save to avoid being destroyed by its power. Lastly, the wielder is granted a special protection from the forces of the Night, making them immune to the ability and level drain effects common to vampires and liches. This does not however apply to regular magic that ordinarily duplicates those effects or other creature types that may also do so.


Among the clergy of Faerun there have come many villains and heroes of which tales and songs are still sung to this day. One such heroine was Celimas the Bold. She was a modest priestess in service to Lathander who longed for a simple life of caring for her tiny village and raising a family with her fellow acolyte Orson Drake, a member of the temple guard. Alas her dreams were shattered when a cabal of vampires struck against their town during a nighttime harvest festival, turning villagers and killing with wild abandon. Only Celimas and a few others managed to last until dawn by hiding in the church catacombs, quietly praying to Lathander for mercy.

In the days that followed, Celimas swore vengeance against the abominations that had destroyed her home and ruined her family. She rose through the ranks of the Hospitaler Order and with cold determination personally hunted down and destroyed every single vampire that had belonged to the cabal that attacked her family. She is venerated by the Church as one of its greatest saints and heroes to this day for her dedication and selflessness. Rumor has it that she was even able to retire happily and finally gained the family she had longed for, when she found love with a wayward halfling….

But that is another story….

The Disruptor was long held in storage by the Church of Lathander after Celimas’ death. It passed to the care of the Sandpoint temple, where Abstalar Zanthus bequeathed it to Elsbeth of Sareloon as a gift for joining the Hospitaler Order. She carried it on many adventures and on her return from a special mission on the temple’s behalf, Elsbeth brought with her the key to unlocking the Disruptor’s true potential. A strongbox filled with 10 lbs of ultra rare Solarite ore mined from close to Toril’s core was given to Durkin of Craftholme along with the original relic. For 2 long weeks the bellows pumped and the smiths worked endlessly, gently extracting Solarite from the rock, purifying it and melting down the original morningstar to reforge it. When complete, the morningstar was infused with 5lbs of Solarite, wound in shining bands around the haft and ending in a head that looked almost like a miniature sun! The leather was redone on the grip and stamped with Durkin’s personal seal. The remaining 5lbs of Solarite were given to the dwarves to cover the commission and Durkin even threw in a blessing ceremony from Moradin to further consecrate the weapon as a token of friendship. The night before the weapon was to be presented to Elsbeth, Father Zanthus received a dream visitation from St Celimas herself! She was pleased that her mortal goods were still of use to her fellow church members and bade the Father Zanthus re-name her old weapon to allow the next generation to have their part in its history. That morning, Zanthus re-dubbed the Disruptor as the Purifier and dedicated it to Lathander, so that it should be tied to all who followed the path of the Morninglord until the end of time.

Lathander's Purifier +2

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