Spear of the Keane

The Weapon of Nellie Keane

weapon (melee)

This spear acts as a +2 Keen Shortspear of Reach. The Reach suffix grants the wielder the Lunge feat, allowing the weapon to strike targets adjacent to the wielder as well as 10 feet away, as if it were a reach weapon. It is also enchanted with the Keen prefix, making the weapons crit profile 19-20/x2. As a shortspear it can also be used a thrown weapon with a range increment of 20 ft.

The Spear of the Keane is a beautiful weapon, with the haft made from the finest oak wood. The crosspiece is forged of dwarven steel, burnished with a golden sheen. Likewise the serrated leaf point, said to be so sharp one can almost cut oneself just by looking at it.


This spear was crafted for Nellie Keane, a young paladin, by her benefactor Dovran Certoz. The reason for this gift is a mystery, as Certoz later betrayed and murdered Keane. She was laid to rest by the Order of the Radiant Heart in Westgate, and as she had earned a place in the Order just before her death, her tomb lies in the temple itself. Although Keane never received her initiation, her spear and cloak adorn her tomb. The artifacts stand as a symbol of the sacrifice needed to reclaim the lawless region of the Dragon’s Coast. First of the fallen, Keane’s memory will endure for years to come as others follow in her path.

Spear of the Keane

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