Ramsay Rottjaw's Skeleton Key

Because every good bandit needs a hand now and then


This peculiar key belonged to one Ramsay Rottjaw, a low ranking member of the infamous Shadow Thieves. It is a pretty little trinket at first glimpse, being made of brightly polished sterling silver and black iron bands forged around the length, like segmented joints of a human bone. The grip is fashioned in the shape of a grinning gnome’s skull and the lock mechanism is crafted like a small, skeletal hand. On the owner’s command the key will perform as though a Knock spell has been cast, granting a + 10 bonus against DC of the lock being opened.


Rumor has it that this item was found in the possession of a particularly malevolent Necromancer from whom Ramsay had tried to purloin a few choice items he felt would go un-missed. Apparently the gnome was wrong on that score. There are those who say the foul wizard took joy in blowing the thief apart piece by piece as he punished him for his impudence and that the key itself is actually the right index finger of the unlucky rogue, animated by the wizard as a final act of malice and as a warning to future would be burglars to keep their sticky fingers to themselves…

Ramsay Rottjaw's Skeleton Key

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