Oathbow of Myth Drannor

A weapon suited only for the most gifted of hunters

weapon (ranged)

This supple bow is a relic of ancient elven skill at the height of it’s glory. Appearing to be made of tough white oak, this +1 composite longbow bends as though it were made of the supplest yew. Sporting a silver vine-like tracery extending down both ends, each of which is tipped with a unicorn’s head and a soft, chestnut brown grip, a soft whispering voice can be heard whenever an arrow is nocked “Swift death to mine enemies!!” A secret magic is embedded within this fine weapon and at it’s wielder’s command, it will become as a +3 composite longbow dealing and extra 2d6 damage per shot and doing quadruple damage on a critical hit vs the standard triple.


Only 100 of these legendary weapons still exist upon the face of Toril at the present. Hailing out of the ancient kingdom of Myth Drannor, the Oathbow is a weapon prized and revered among the practitioners of archery, such bows were often given as great prizes during festivals and even among these fine tools there were rumored to be even more powerful variations. Ancient legend tells of a particularly devout craftsmen who requested Mielikki, the ranger goddess and lieutenant of Silvanus, to bless 10 of his finest bows with a fraction of her power that he might gift them to those among the forest walkers who best protected the wild lands. These weapons were said to be even more lethal, since they carried the Supreme Ranger’s ire against their designated target. However, legend doesn’t necessarily equal fact…

The dwarf warrior Durkin carried one of the few of these magnificent bows as a family heirloom from the days of his forefathers. A gift he happily traded to the ranger Set, for the liberation of his ancient birthright from the grasp of the vile ghost of Bargast the Black, in exchange for the wondrous Dragon Bane blade that was a little more suited to his style of fighting. Time will tell if this bow is one of the legendary 10, though it would seem this particular bow stands out from the others of its time.

Perhaps the right catalyst might tap a hidden power…

Oathbow of Myth Drannor

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