Night's Embrace

A Displacer Beast's spirit lives on in this suit


Many of the larcenists profession make use of form fitting leather armor. It is lightweight and though its protection is minimal, the chief advantage lies in its ability to allow them to blend into the shadows and easily evade guards and in some cases rival thieves!

This suit was crafted by Ydranos Arshan with a certain thief in mind. Using the hide of a Displacer Beast brought to him by merchant fur traders. Arshan then had the hide specially cured to allow the natural powers of the beast to remain in the leather so that the ability to confuse and evade attackers would be imparted on whomever donned its hide.

This suit grants a + 2 to the wearer’s Stealth skill, incurs a -2 on Perception by enemies against them and has the power to grant the Blur spell at level once per day.


When the criminal menace known as the Scorpion set his sights on the children of Calimport to expand his slave trade empire, Ydranos Arshan knew that there was only one woman capable of retrieving them. To that end, he crafted this form fitting suit to aid Iseri the Raven in a daring recovery operation, utilizing the formidable inborn abilities of the suit’s donor to boost his friend’s considerable skills in the art of avoidance.

Time will tell if his suit is enough to save the children of his city, but Ydranos believes the Night’s Embrace will see them brought back safely!

Night's Embrace

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