Lady Luck's Whimsy

A token of the Lady's Esteem


On each side of this golden coin there is a face. One is of Tymora and the other her sister Beshaba, the bringer of ill fortune. If on a coin flip Tymora’s face lands up, that character may reroll either 1 attack roll or one saving throw roll at a +2 bonus. If Beshaba lands up, the character must reroll an attack roll or saving throw, but at -2 penalty. Flipping the coin is treated as an immediate action and is usable once per day.


A simple golden coin engraved on both sides at first glance. One might think this item a simple novelty forged by the Tymoran church. It’s true power is far greater, having the power to grant the favor of Lady Luck to those fortunate enough to garner her attention!

Lady Luck's Whimsy

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