Hospitaler's Cuirass

Lathander's armor guards the steps of his faithful


This beautiful breastplate appears to be forged of shined brass and depicts the motif of Lathander across its surface, an emerald field overseen by a swift rising sun, its beams studded with polished rubies as a sign of the Morninglord’s love of art and his great power.

This armor is filled with blessings and powerful wards, which allow it to act as a +1 suit of armor, but that is not its greatest power. The true power of the Hospitaler’s Cuirass lies in the Freedom of Movement spell infused into it at creation. The logic being that a healer needs to be able to go anywhere and everywhere at a moment’s notice! Anything that hinders her could spell disaster for those in need of her aid!


This particular armor is usually gifted to dedicated members of the Knights Hostipaler, a militant arm of the church of Lathander dedicated to training its members to function as battlefield medics and warriors against the foul undead. Elsbeth of Sareloon recovered one such breastplate in the depths of an ancient moathouse keep below the Dragon Coast. Her recent appointment to the Sandpoint branch of the Knights Hospitaler seems to indicate that she was destined to find such an item!

Hospitaler's Cuirass

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