Evensun Full Plate Armor

The Armor of a True Knight


Among the various armors crafted in the Forgotten Realms, there is not one that draws such admiration and respect as a suit of full plate mail. The perfectly fitted steel plates cover the body in all necessary vital points and the even distribution of weight allows for greater ease of movement, though the overall suit is heavier than half plate or chainmail. Many of the wealthier elite own 2 or 3 such suits, not for their protective value, but for their decorative aspects, as such armor is often richly enameled and etched with intricate and attractive designs.

This particular suit carries on that tradition, being crafted of the finest steel and bearing an orange and white flame motif throughout. Its forgers were also concerned with practicality, and invoked potent magic to grant the plates additional resilience, making it a +1 suit of its kind. In addition, a powerful holy spell sheathes the armor in a defensive field that activates whenever its wearer is struck, summoning a white hot shield of blessed fire to better discourage further aggression against the owner.


This Holy Fire Shield full plate armor was crafted by the Most Noble Order of the Radiant Heart at the command of Prelate Devan Stoutheart in Westgate. It was held under storage until the day that a worthy knight could be allowed to claim it. For his dedication to the Order’s never-ending mission, the squire paladin Zephus Evensun was gifted the suit after uncovering the identity of the murderer of his fellow Order member and protégé Nellie Keane.

The armor also held additional significance, as it marked the end of Zephus’s tenure as a squire and his entry into the Radiant Heart as a full fledged knight. At 50 lbs, this armor bears a great load and also represents the burden of responsibility that all knights of the Radiant Heart are expected to bear. But as time and trial have shown, Sir Zephus Evensun is ready for that responsibility!

Evensun Full Plate Armor

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