Otterboxed Energy Heart

A large, flawless ruby that radiates power. Now encased in Orichalcum


The first time a character carrying the Energy Heart takes acid, cold, electricity, or fire damage, the gem reduces the amount by 10 (to a minimum of 0). As an further enhancement by Heldalel of Calimshan, this gem can also be used to evoke a powerful spell known as Escape. Casting this will allow the wearer and up to four other creatures to be teleported to a place of relative safety from any possibly fatal situations. The downside to such powerful magic is that it may only be invoked once weekly and then at the cost of all spell slots available to fuel the magic of the spell! Needless to say, this is an option of the very last resort.


This magical gemstone was discovered in the dungeon of Black Fang. The gem had rested for countless years on a dusty altar, protected by a pair of statues that unleashed fire upon any who dared approach too proudly. It was picked up by Iseri, the elf rogue, and carried about with no knowledge of its powers. Later in Sandpoint, they were able to get the gem identified and Iseri carries it still. With the magic of her instructor Heldalel, the stone has been encased in an enchanted otterbox of pure orichalcum (the golden equivalent of mithral and twice as rare!). The otterbox bears the symbol of the god Denier, Lord of all Glyphs and Images.

Otterboxed Energy Heart

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