Blade of Dragon's Bane

A razor sharp brand, with an affinity for dragon blood

weapon (melee)

This elegant longsword is the work of a master craftsman, measuring 3’ 3/4", slightly longer than a normal blade of its make. The entire theme of the blade is based around a draconic design, with a red leather grip coiled by a golden dragon tail with a head balancing the pommel. The blade itself sports a dragon’s head at the base, spouting a gout of flame that runs along the channel to the point. A faint magical aura lingers on the blade in most instances that grant the normal properties of a +1 weapon of it’s kind. Against dragons however, the flame line on the blade pulsates with a brilliant red-orange glow and the sword gains an enhanced edge and becomes lighter, transforming into a +3 weapon that deals an additional 3d6 points of damage.


This magnificent weapon was laying dormant in the abandoned fortress of Sandpoint during the quest to expel the dragon Blackfang from the area after it had become a menace to the town. Discovered by the heroes Iseri, Set and Elsbeth, the sword was recovered from a bizarre creature who had been guarding its resting place on a small island near the back of the upper level of the area. The ranger Set was able to use the weapon to great effect against most enemies and his natural skill in hunting dragon-kind made such a weapon ideal for driving the young black dragon out of the fortress after using it to score a vicious blow against the wyrm.

Following the recovery of the dwarf city of Craftholme, Set exchanged the sword with the leader of the revitalized colony, Durkin, in exchange for a gift far more appropriate for his talents as a marksman…

Blade of Dragon's Bane

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