Bayard's Consecrated Vambraces

Sanctified by the power of the Morninglord


These beautiful vambraces were once the property of the mighty Cleric, Bayard the Blessed. Crafted of strong steel and a gold leaf overlay, the theme of the Sun is a major motif, appropriate for those who would serve the mighty god of light. Soft, smooth leather cushions the arms of the wearer and red garnet stones appear intermittently in the sun rays. The cleric who dons these gains an extra use of channel energy, a +2 bonus to channel energy vs undead and a +1 bonus to his wisdom as a small boon from the great god.


These vambraces were once part of a suit of armor owned by Bayard during his days as a wandering adventurer with the legendary Silver Company, a group of five heroes pledged to the cause of banishing the avatar of Tiamat from Faerun in the period shortly following the Time of Troubles. Stories say the bracers, combined with the other necessary pieces of armor formed the Daybringer’s Panoply and permitted Bayard great power as both a healer and as a destroyer of the undead. The bracers were located by the Lathandran cleric Elsbeth in the old light house of Sandpoint known as the Hierophant’s Hold and abbot Abstalar Zanthus believes that the remaining pieces might be scattered in similar sites around the Realms. Time will tell if the rest of the saint’s combat gear will see use again in these times…

Bayard's Consecrated Vambraces

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