Dovran Certoz

A conniving nobleman, but what are his intentions?


Dovran Certoz is a tall, imposing man of around 50. His exact age is indeterminate, as his appearance has not changed much since his admittance to the Council of Westgate. He has sharp features, with piercing dark eyes. His hair is a deep red, always kept short and immaculately neat. Certoz generally garbs himself with a flowing, intricately detailed robe of royal purple. He has been rumored to hide a deadly weapon of some sort under this robe, but as no one has crossed him openly in three decades, its exact nature is at present time unknown.

Certoz’ personality, if he actually possesses one, is that of cold, hard cruelty. His vast intellect, however, never allows him to engage in such cruelty openly. Anyone with any experience of Westgate Council matters is relatively certain of his criminal pastimes, but proof is frustratingly elusive. His appearance combined with this frigid personality has erected a circle of privacy around the man which none has penetrated.


Little is known about the early history of Dovran Certoz. He only enters public record nearly thirty years ago once he attained a seat on the Westgate Council, presumably to further his business enterprises. What those enterprises are or how his council seat has impacted them is not widely known. That Certoz uses his council position to further his power and influence is known, however, largely due to council votes being public record. some of his council votes have made Certoz somewhat unpopular among the people of the Dragon Coast region and even to some influential organizations, presumably making him a target for extortion or assassination. So secret and controlled are his movements, however, that no one has been able to corner him as of yet.

Some details of his life have recently come to light thanks to the actions of one Zephus Evensun, who accused him of frequenting an establishment run by followers of the dark goddess Shar, and of murdering a young paladin named Nellie Keane. Utilizing his carefully cultivated influence in the Council allowed Certoz to formally clear his name and even turn the murder charge around onto his accuser. As of now, Certoz is free and Zephus, lately tried and convicted of the murder, has vanished mysteriously from prison.

Dovran Certoz

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