Tales of the Dragon Coast: A Forgotten Realms Adventure

The Climbing of the Tower

Or, How I Met Your Demon

Returning from the forest with his erstwhile companion Dave, Kiba joined up once again with the core Dragonbusters. They had rested just underneath the trapdoor leading to the tower of the drow necromancer, and intrepidly entered into it.

Emerging in the basement of the tower, they met a strange trio of zombies. They seemed to recall their memories of former life, and told the heroes that they had been friends of the drow Cordalaya when she had first come to the surface world with her exile family. Apparently they had lived near the town and gotten to know the locals somewhat. Unfortunately the surface dwellers were not comfortable with a family of drow living nearby and hatched a plan to murder the lot of them, with the sole exception of the youngest daughter. These three zombies had been her childhood friends, and they were told to lead her away from the village on some pretense while the dirty deed was done. Thus they sought to spare the young dark elf a gruesome death and perhaps find a more peaceful way in the world. Such was not to be, however, as Cordalaya sought ever more power to enact her vengeance. Returning some 40 years later with the might of necromancy at her fingertips, she laid waste to the city and raised the former citizens as zombie slaves. For what purpose she has summoned demons and taken over the wizard’s tower in the center of town, the zombies did not know. After laying the zombies to rest and discovering a powerful anti-negative energy ring, the party pressed on.

The next floor was even more curious. Only two objects were in the room: a large bronze gong, and a small chest. The party split in two to investigate both items. Zephus and Dave investigated the gong while Elsbeth and Kiba went over to the chest (Gargantuon was once again sound asleep). Both had short sentences written in Abyssal. The gong read, ‘Bang gong for demons’ and the chest read, ‘Demons don’t open!’. Believing the two to be linked, Zephus suggested they bang the gong and open the chest at the same moment. This they did, and instantly regretted it.

As the gong rang out, a gaggle of demons appeared, including their old nemesis the Glabrezu! Aiding him this time were a small cadre of hezrous and a fearsome Marilith general. The Glabrezu opened the festivities with a bang, reversing the gravity around our heroes. Having only found a seemingly innocuous knife in the chest, Kiba was understandably depressed. He was even more distressed when he fell victim to the advancing hezrou’s awful stench and spent much of the battle trying to hold his breakfast in. Elsbeth blasted away at the demons with her holy magic, while Zephus began to worry about their chances. He decided to call on his trusty steed Pharis. The dragon appeared to run interference, and just in time as the noble Paladin fell victim to the Glabrezu’s Power Word spell.

Just as things began to look bleak, an unexpected ally arrived. Having yet again been driven out of the forest by abusive animals, Set the ranger tracked his companions down and entered the fray! Helping to distract the Glabrezu and remaining hezrous, he provided valuable time for the group to get back on its feet (figuratively). Elsbeth and Pharis finished off the hezrous heckling them, but sadly the young dragon was banished by the Marilith’s relentless bombardment of arrows. Zephus, crying out in rage, escaped the null gravity and charged the Marilith. Braving the six-armed monstrosity’s blade barrier and numerous vicious attacks, he struck down the demon with his holy sword! The day was won!

But the stairs up loomed ominously in front of them…



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