Tales of the Dragon Coast: A Forgotten Realms Adventure

Jamming in the labs!

While her Dragonbuster comrades continued their ascent of the Cursed Tower, Iseri found herself heading deeper and deeper below the earth. As she navigated the ancient depths of the forgotten labs of the Arcanist, the elf decided that a bit of caution was in order. Sending Bugsy ahead to investigate, Iseri took a few moments to search through yet more haphazard notes strewn throughout the lower area as her faithful clockwork servant carried out his duties. Exploration of the central passage yielded a strange hissing sound, while a side pass contained much buzzing.

Deciding to investigate the side pass first, Iseri located the sad remnant of an arboretum the Arcanist had been using to study exotic and magical plant and animal life. From his final log entries, it appeared the wizard had the misfortune of being swindled by a shady goods dealer and had resolved to deal with this particular pest problem before it got out of hand. The mage believed that he was to receive a rare specimen of plant which ended up being some kind of hideous misshapen subterranean creature that was quickly becoming too difficult to sustain. Alas, it seemed that he perished before the lower level might be properly fumigated…

Some careful searching in the hall also yielded access to a collection of lore and trivia on various villains and ne’er do-wells from the long history of Faerun. Some notes here indicated that while this was valuable as a historical archive, the Arcanist was hoping to be able to turn history into an amusing past time for those less inclined to scholarly pursuits. Fascinating! Continuing down the central hall, Iseri was confronted by the beast that had escaped the Arboretum centuries ago! A pulsing, slimy, slithering mass hissed and sputtered!! Iseri dealt with it as she dealt with most obstacles of a similar disposition: with plenty of fire!! This creature was not without its own defenses and its powerful psychic abilities forced even the mighty Raven of Calimshan onto the defensive! With aid from loyal Sprocket and a handy dandy disintegration spell, Iseri was soon moving on and grooving on down the way!

The next area contained a most amusing diversion: A large scale version of the Arcanist’s trivia game was created as both a lark and lock to the final lab. Iseri drew on her vast reserves of knowledge born from intense study to unravel the men and women behind the historical clues left by the Arcanist: Crafty and vicious Manshoon, the vampire lord! King Obould Many-Arrows the orc Warchief of legend! Cunning Miklos Selkirk, protector of Sembia and what game of trivia would be complete without mention of Elminster Aumar, the Sage of Shadowdale and hero of countless songs and tales!! Answering the trivia yielded two results: The forgotten name of the Arcanist: Noober of Nashkel, the single most annoying man in the history of ever, who hoped that his exploits as a wizard would bring him respect and admiration from those that once pelted him with stones, and caused the floor beneath the elf to be lowered, at last bringing her to the prize…

In the center of this chamber stood a mighty Clockwork Golem. A thing of great and terrible wonder! Iseri was eager for a chance to study the construct, but first she would need to deal with the security detail of a pair of Iron Golems and their Gorgon watchdogs!! The situation looked to be ugly, until the lass felt a strange weight in her pocket. Reaching inside, the rogue removed a palm-sized amber colored stone that her magical training identified as a Wish Gem!! Just the thing for pesky Golem guards!! Commanding their steely hides to become delicious candy, the mage indulged in light bit of sweet to savor her triumph and skill.

Busting out the Silent Servant’s Bible, the artificer in training was able to deduce some of the more complex workings of the clockwork golem, determining that it would need gemstones to function as a rudimentary fuel source until something more suitable could be found. Feeding some fire opals into the construct’s receptacle allowed Iseri to start up the construct, while a handy testing function was put into place by the labs to observe the golem’s effectiveness. In a one on one match against another Iron Golem, the Clockwork construct emerged victorious against a more hardy opponent by its superior combat capability. Christening this new member of her Clockwork family as Gearjammer, Iseri and her allies raised the golem’s arms in a cheer of celebration!!

Now, to make good their exit!!



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